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About Me - T.L. Duryea

I am an artist based in the greater NYC area. As a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, the oldest Woman's College in the United States, I had a career in the Legal Field in NYC, Hong Kong and Washington DC before changing lanes to pursue a career in the Arts.  I went back to school at nights and on weekends to study at the School of Visual Arts and then left corporate law to pursue art full-time.

Prior to 2016, my art was primarily focused on large, lush landscapes of coastal New England and some portraiture.  Oil painting is my first true love but in 2015 I began an experimental style of mixed media floral splatter art.  It was colorful and full of life and movement.  It also inspired me to put it on some products and I got the idea for Flora & May from that series.

After the election of 2016, in an effort to find some meaning for myself in terms of what it meant to be an artist and a woman in the world, I began a series of quick, portraits of women who inspire myself and other.  What was initially supposed to be a month long project became the starting point for the Sheroes Project.  Hearing from so many other women (and some men) about how much the work meant to them prompted me to create a new product line using the portraits.

My hope is that my work can bring inspiration and joy to people in their daily lives, whether they collect my original artwork or my products featuring the artwork. When Im's not in the studio, I can usually be found running with my dog, campaigning for candidates who support Women, or in NYC with friends <3