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Geraldine Ferraro Original Portrait


I was just a kid when Geraldine Ferraro was nominated as the first Woman candidate for VP of a major party. I remember not really understanding what a big deal it was because to me, of course a women could be VP or President.

In preparing to paint this portrait I watched her acceptance of the nomination at the Democratic Convention. She was poised and in control, but you could also see how she knew what an important moment in history she knew she was standing in. I was so sad watching...because as I watched that moment, 35 years ago, I couldn’t help but think how she must have felt to never live to see a Woman President (or even Vice President).

We need to fight for the seat at the head of the table. For ourselves, for our daughters, and in memory of the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

Painting measures 10” x 8”, oil on cradled panel.

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