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Nancy and the Dirty Speech Long Sleeve


When Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi, Speaker of the House, tore up her copy of the State of the Union, she emphatically declared what she thought of it....without saying a word.  Dressed in suffragette white, an enduring symbol of women’s rights and strength, she continues to lead as the most powerful woman in America.

I stayed up all night painting this to celebrate her and all she does for America. It was an interesting experience since I am not a night painter at all.  But I realized around midnight, that it was important for the Sheroes community that this painting was ready for them as soon as possible.

This long-sleeved shirt is made of the ultra-smooth American Apparel 100% cotton, and it has comfy long sleeves to protect you from the elements. The sleeves are cuffed at the hand for a tapered look that adds a little flair.


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